Announcing Mashcat 2012

We are pleased to announce Mashcat 2012! Mashcat is a mashed library event focussing on cataloguing data. It is for cataloguers, developers and anyone else with an interest in how library catalogue data can be created, manipulated, used and re-used by computers and software. It will be an invaluable opportunity for cataloguers, developers and others to meet and share knowledge, thoughts, and ideas. Possible topics participants could explore on the day include the principles behind the data, tools and code for working with it, and real examples of work on bibliographic data.

Mashcat will take place at the Clinical School in Cambridge, 5 July 2012. Booking  is not yet open but will do soon.

For more information, email us at or contact @orangeaurochs on Twitter. Follow the hashtag #mashcat for more news.

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