Mashcat Programme

Thank you to everyone who has registered for Mashcat on 5 July! If you haven’t already registered and would still like to come, please do add your name to the waiting list on our Eventbrite page.

Below is the current planned outline of the day:

0930-1000 Coffee and welcome.
1000-1225 Morning sessions, including talks from Richard Wallis, Ed Chamberlain, and Paul Stainthorp on linked data, and the COMET and CLOCK projects.
1225-1315 Lunch.
1315-1500 Afternoon unconference sessions 1.
1500-1530 Coffee.
1530-1700 Afternoon unconference sessions 2.

The afternoon will consist of unconference-style sessions, pitched for and decided upon on the day. Please do consider delivering a session! It could be hands-on mashing, speaking about something you have done with bibliographic data, or something else. If you would like to deliver a session you can if you wish submit a brief description in advance and I will put it on the website for others to look at before the event. Also, if you have files that attendees may find useful, I can make these available via the website too.

Please do contact us by email at, Twitter (@orangeaurochs) or leave a comment.

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