Presentations from Mashcat 2012

Below are slides, blog posts, and a Yahoo Pipe from the presentations at Mashcat 2012. Many thanks to all who came along, spoke, tweeted, helped organise, and wrote up the event, and especially to¬†DevCSI (@devsci) who supported and fed us. Please let me know if I’ve missed something or if you have further material to add to the list below.

The Cultural Linked Data Backbone by Richard Wallis (@rjw)

Text to Data by Ed Chamberlain (@edchamberlain)

CLOCK Project by Paul Stainthorp (@pstainthorp), Andrew Beeken (@abeeken), Trevor Jones

British Subject Index Map in Yahoo Pipes by Gary Green (@ggnewed)

How Big Is My Book? by Thomas Meehan (@orangeaurochs)

Come & Sniff My Old Books by Helen Harrop (@iamcreative)

Relic: Resource List Item Checker by Richard Cross (@llrrichardcross)

Making the most of MARC by Owen Stephens (@ostephens)


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