Upcoming webinars in early 2016

We’re pleased to announce that several free webinars are scheduled for the first three months of 2016. Mark your calendars!

Date/Time Speaker Title
26 January 2016 (14:00-17:00 UTC / 09:00-12:00 EST) Owen Stephens Installing OpenRefine
This webinar will be an opportunity for folks to see how OpenRefine can be installed and to get help doing so, and serves as preparation for the webinar in March.  There will also be folks at hand in the Mashcat Slack channel to assist.
Recording / Slides (pptx)
19 February 2016 (18:00-19:00 UTC / 13:00-14:00 EST) Terry Reese Evolving MarcEdit: Leveraging Semantic Data in MarcEdit.
Library metadata is currently evolving — and whether you believe this evolution will lead to a fundamental change in how Libraries manage their data (as envisioned via BibFrame) or more of an incremental change (like RDA); one thing that is clear is the merging of traditional library data and semantic data.  Over the next hour, I’d like to talk about how this process is impacting how MarcEdit is being developed, and look at some of the ways that Libraries can not just begin to embed semantic data into their bibliographic records right now — but also begin to new services around semantic data sources to improve local workflows and processes.

Recording: (YouTube) (mp4) / Slides / Storify of livetweeting by @maryacat

14 March 2016 (16:00-17:30 UTC / 12:00-13:30 EDT Owen Stephens (Meta)data tools: Working with OpenRefine
OpenRefine is a powerful tool for analyzing, fixing, improving and enhancing data. In this session the basic functionality of OpenRefine will be introduced, demonstrating how it can be used to explore and fix data, with particular reference to the use of OpenRefine in the context of library data and metadata.

Recording / GitHub repo with class materials / Slides (pptx)

The registration link for each webinar will be communicated in advance. Many thanks to Alison Hitchens of the University of Waterloo and Shana McDanold of Georgetown University for providing hosting for the webinars.

9 comments to Upcoming webinars in early 2016

  • Lisa Bodenheimer

    A question: will the webinars be recorded so registrants can watch them later? I am very interested in the one on January 26, but I will not be able to attend that day because of other commitments.

    Or, is there another way that we can prepare for the OpenRefine webinar on March 14?

    Thank you for setting these up!

  • Galen Charlton

    I will have to get back to you whether the webinars will be recorded. However, as far as the first one is concerned, we’ll be providing a couple other ways to get installation help prior to the March webinar. Christina Harlow will be doing a blog post on various ways to get it running in the next few days, and folks will generally be available over the next few weeks in the Mashcat Slack to assist.

  • Galen Charlton

    I now have confirmation that the 26 January session will be recorded.

  • Lisa Bodenheimer

    Thank you, Galen! That’s extremely helpful. Just out of general curiosity, how can I access the Mashcat Slack channel?

  • Galen Charlton

    To get an invite to the Slack, you can use this form and one will be emailed to you automatically.

  • Kimberly Montgomery

    When will the registration link for the webinars be posted? It’s only 9 day before the next one.

  • Kimberly: I have put some more details on joining the webinar here

  • May Chan

    Hi, I just noticed there is a discrepancy in the start time for the February 19 session.

    The list of upcoming webinars indicates 13:00-14:00 EST and the joining instructions indicates a start at 12:30 EST. Can anyone confirm which start time it will be and the approximate duration?

    Very excited about this session.

  • Galen Charlton

    Terry’s presentation will start at 1 p.m. EST, but access to join the webinar will open up at 12:30 to give folks time to deal with any technical difficulties beforehand.

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