Mashcat Twitter chats in 2017

Including the inaugural Mashcat Twitter chat in April of 2015, we have had 19 chats since the second round of Mashcat began. Now, it’s time to start planning for even more.

What is a #mashcat Twitter chat? It is a way for us share information (and sometimes war stories) about a topic of interest to programmers, catalogers, metadata folk, and techies active in libraries, archives, museums, and related cultural heritage institutions. By meeting every month or so, we hope to tear down the walls that sometimes divide those who wish to put metadata in service to the benefit of all.

As the name implies, the chat takes place on Twitter at a time announced in advance. Somebody acts as moderator, asking a set of questions, spread out over the hour; participants can answer them—then let the conversation ramify. The #mashcat hashtag is used to keep everything together. After each chat, a summary is published allowing those who couldn’t attend the chat to read along.

Past topics have included:

  • How catalogers and library technologists can build better relationships
  • Use Cases: What exactly are the problems catalogers and metadata librarians want to solve with code?
  • Critical approaches to library data and systems (AKA #critlib meets #mashcat)
  • Systems migrations
  • Linked open data

Is there a library metadata itch you would liked scratched? Do you want to learn how folks “on the other side” do something? Would you like to moderate a chat? Then visit this Google document and add your suggestions!

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