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Mashcat holds a Twitter chat on the #mashcat hashtag every month or so.

If you would like to suggest a topic for the chat and/or moderate one, please edit this document. If you have questions about the chat, you can also contact Galen Charlton (@gmcharlt on Twitter and in the Slack).

Here is a list of the past and future chats:

Date Moderator Summary Theme
26 March 2015 Galen Charlton (@gmcharlt) Storify Inaugural chat
23 April 2015 Erin Leach (@erinaleach) Storify How catalogers and library technologists can build better relationships
21 May 2015 Alison Hitchens (@ahitchens) Storify Discovery layers and metadata
23 June 2015 Becky Yoose (@yo_bj) Storify Linked open data
22 July 2015 Christina Harlow (@cm_harlow) Storify Systems migrations
20 August 2015 Dorothea Salo (@LibSkrat) Storify Metadata/libtech training and education
17 September 2015 Laurel Narizny (@ekelistic) Storify Critical approaches to library data and systems (AKA #critlib meets #mashcat)
22 October 2015 Christina Harlow (@cm_harlow) and Steven Folsom (@sf433) Storify Future of library authorities
19 November 2015 Mary Jinglewski (@mjingle) Storify Developing Skills past Library School
17 December 2015 Christine Schwartz (@caschwartz) Storify Use Cases: What exactly are the problems catalogers and metadata librarians want to solve with code?
19 January 2016 @chiuchiutrain Storify (by @thomthomthom) #mashcat crossover [with #critlib]: communication
21 January 2016 Dorothea Salo (@LibSkrat) Storify Data licensing and open data
18 February 2016 John Fink (@adr) Storify Communicating requirements and detecting IT brushoffs
12 May 2016 Galen Charlton (@gmcharlt) Storify Cataloging and coding as applied empathy
16 June 2016 Ethan Fenichel (@EthanDF) and Allison Jai O’Dell (@AllisonJaiODell) Storify Project management
26 July 2016 Violet Fox (@violetbfox) and Netanel Ganin (@OpOnions) Storify The inevitability of library authorities
18 October 2016 Dorothea Salo (@LibSkrat) Storify How public and academic libraries tackle metadata and IT
13 December 2016 Becky Yoose (@yo_bj) Storify Acquiring IT and data and the RFP/RFI process
24 January 2017 Erin Leach (@erinaleach) and Galen Charlton (@gmcharlt) Current pressing concerns at the intersection of technology and library data.
28 February 2017 Kathryn Lybarger (@zemkat) Storify Research data
21 March 2017 Christina Harlow (@cm_harlow) Storify Data modeling across bibliographic and digital data — where do BIBFRAME and PCDM (Portland Common Data Model) clash and what do we do
16 May 2017 Kate Deibel (@metageeky) Storify Metadata and accessibility
18 July 2017 @dejah_thoris Storify The Changing Nature of Paraprofessional Labor

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